The Secret Society 1.6 trailer

In The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery you join the Order of Seekers, a secret society of people with a unique ability to move inside magic worlds. You travel through photographs in search for clues to unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of your missing uncle, and to prevent the dangers threatening the entire Secret Society. You will look for myriad of clues in photographs you move within. These clues, if gathered together with others, will expand even further the world you’re traveling and serve to help you unravel the mysteries you’re tasked with. Some of these puzzles are harder than others, but on the whole, you will find The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery polished and addictive.

The game offers a completely engaging and wholly entertaining experience. Exploring the pictures is done via a map, which shows all of the pictures you can visit. You’ll unlock additional pictures as you progress. When you enter a picture you’re given a list of items-sometimes listed in text form, other times as silhouettes, sometimes one, sometimes a piece that’s broken into a multiple – and you’ll need to find them before time runs out. You will be revisiting the same pictures, but as you progress the challenges will get more diabolical as you will have to find more and more items in a very short allotted time. In addition you will play puzzle games such as memory, pipes or a maze to find additional pieces.

What’s New in Version 1.6:

Trick or treat? Get ready for a little of both! Enjoy eye-popping new content, artwork, stories and bonuses in this devilish Halloween update of your favorite game.

– Enter the Witch’s Hut – a scary new hidden object scene – and try to stay calm despite the spooky vibe!
– Receive an exclusive avatar for completing the Halloween challenges in time. This is your only chance to earn it!
– Get your hands on the magic Witch’s Talisman in order to triple the speed of your energy recovery.
– Tackle over 120 new quests – and make yourself ghoulishly busy for a frightening number of hours.
– Complete all of the new Halloween quests, and you’ll be rewarded by being able to unlock a special Halloween chest!
– Knock out 20 new collections and enjoy Halloween-themed energy drinks, tools and decorations.


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