App-Blaster review scores explained

Unlike Blast’s other affiliated sites, App-Blaster is going with a ratings score between 1-100. That is a large range to rate apps on and since we will not only be doing games but all applications it might get a little tricky to transfer what a rating for a game like Angry Birds means when put next to an athletics app such as Zombies! Run 5K. Fear not, we have an easy to read description of each ranking that will tell you exactly what each score means.

For our scores, the tens place will stick with the following definitive meanings. However, the ones place will be up to the critic. If a gaming app is deemed ‘good’ by them, they then decide, between 0-9, just how good it is. So if two critics were to rate the same app, they should arrive at the same tens numeral with varying ones scores. (For example, if an app is ‘pretty good,’ one reviewer may give a score of 72 while the other gives a score of 78).

90-100:  Superb! The application not only does what you want and expect without any flaws, but it does more.

80-89: Great. The app has all the features you expect and possible some more that you didn’t. It works constantly and is a reliable and valuable tool.

70-79: Very good. The app is overall a valuable asset and worth the money to have, though it may be missing some useful features.

60-69: Good. The app does what it says it would. Nothing more, nothing less. It may be useful, but it is lacking in some places.

50-59: OK. While there is much to be desired, the app does what it should to a minimalistic extent.

40-49: Below Average. There may be some interesting or valuable features, but overall the app fails to come through with all that it claims it should.

30-39: Flawed. At one point it may have had potential, but as it stands the app lacks the features that would make it truly valuable. It may still have some useful aspects, but they are few and far between.

20-29: Bad. The app does not do what its description claims and is hardly working regardless.

10-19: Broken. The app does not work in any fashion and should be avoided at all costs.

1-9: Painful. Be wary of a this score, the app can be potentially harmful to one’s health and may even be deadly!