NYTimes Crosswords

90 Overall Score

Daily Puzzles |Increasing difficulty throughout the week

Doesn't tell you which blocks are incorrect when you check the puzzle

Get your daily crossword direct to your phone or tablet.

The New York Times Crossword app allows avid daily puzzlers and those wishing to start crossword puzzles the ability to bring the daily paper’s crossword to your personal smart device. It features daily puzzles along with an expansive backlog of daily crosswords allowing for more puzzles than any one could ask for. Hone your skills with increasingly difficult puzzles throughout the week until you can master that elusive, and initially overwhelming Sunday crossword.

The daily crossword allows users to view the puzzle as seen in the paper or go through the list of clues in order and input their answers directly. A timer keeps track of your overall puzzle time which allows the veterans who complete the puzzle regularly a fresh experience as they compair their time to others or just attempt to lower that completion time. A pencil feature also allows one to put in guesses they may not be sure of.

Jumping into the crossword world can be daunting for one who has never tried one before. That goes double if they unknowingly attempt the more difficult puzzles that come in the latter part of the week. This app gives a nice way for beginners to start to get the crossword mindset by offering a calendar with a massive backlog of puzzles to practice on. This is also a nice feature for the hardcore puzzlers who may miss a day and want to make it up.

Seller: Magmic Inc. (iOS)

Platforms: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Kendel, Android

Price: Free

Store link

Reviewed on iOS.


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