NBA Rush Review

60 Overall Score

Good endless runner if you like them and NBA Basketball

No long term appeal

An endless runner that features the NBA players, oh and aliens.

NBA Rush is an endless runner where you control any number of professional basketball players. Dodge cars, busses, crashed spacecrafts, lasers, and, for some reason, scaffolding that is set up in the middle of a three lane highway. Each run choose up three NBA players to run from a giant alien robot while collecting coins, slam-dunk destroying alien spacecrafts, and even jumping off into space from time to time.

As an endless runner, it stays safely in the genre. It is enjoyable and challenging, thought it does’t offer any sort of innovation. Go through each run with the goal of collecting more coins and simply making it further than you did that last time.

One nice aspect of the game is that while it takes the business model of most other mobile games with the option to buy power ups, NBA Rush actually allows you to gain much of these through simply playing the game. There are enough coins in a run that you eventually can level up most of the powers or spin the ball for new characters. The crystals that are used to buy new players, however, are quite a bit less frequent.

There are three players from each NBA team to unlock and each has some degree of varying modifiers, such as higher score multiplier or more coins. But other than that, each one feels the same so there really doesn’t seem to be any motivation to try and unlock them all. Not to mention the amount of time that would take without coughing up cash.

If you have played endless runners before, then you have played this one too. If you really need a game on your phone that features your favorite basketball players, this will do the trick and keep you entertained at the same time.

Reviewed on iOS


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