Galaxy Run

65 Overall Score

Fast-paced, challenging gameplay | easy to pickup and play | great sound design

No redeemable rewards and unlimited restarts create a low-risk, low-reward scenario

Galaxy Run is an auto-runner in which players control a lost space explorer, Rez, and guide him through a series of obstacle filled levels in an attempt to “help get Rez home.” While the controls are incredibly easy, simply touch the screen to cause Rez to jump, the levels can often be tricky and take multiple attempts to complete. It is an at time difficult game and though it lacks long-lasting appeal, it is fun while you are playing.

On his way from the start to the exiting portal, Rez will encounter obstacle such as lasers, spikes, falling platforms, spikes and more. Rez is not without his own arsenal, however, and each level comes with objects or power-ups which aid in Rez’s journey: for example spring boards, speed pads, and a jet pack. Though these are automatically assigned and do not carry over to the next level. The three worlds featured in the game are formed of six locked stages compiled of sixteen levels and five bonus levels.

Each level is timed with the time cumulatively added together through each attempt at the level. The more deaths in a level, the more time is added together. Quickly finishing a level will reward you with up to three light nodes while, conversely, slow completions result in none. It is a good way to gauge how well you did on a level, however, the nodes are not redeemable for anything so there is no real reward in achieving three as opposed to none. Completing a level even with no nodes allows you to continue to the next one. If you are one for achievement and are stuck on a particularly difficult level, restarting the level also restarts the time essentially giving you as many attempts to get your desired quick run through as you need.

The challenge is slightly diluted by the ability to restart time with no penalty, but if you still can’t complete a level you get to start with three special abilities: slow time, run through obstacles, and skip a level. You start with just three of each and the only way to get more is to spend real money in the in-game store.

Overall, Galaxy Run is an enjoyable game for iOS. Its fact-paced gameplay keep it entertaining and challenging. The inability to use your earned rewards to get any upgrades and the ability to retry a level while restarting the time at zero as often as you need, however, create a scenario of low-risk, low-reward. If you’re looking for an entertaining, easy to pick-up and play space adventure, Galaxy Run is a good purchase. Just don’t expect it to have long lasting appeal.

Developed by: Spiel Studios
Platforms: iOS
Price: $0.99
Store link

Reviewed from a copy provided to App-Blaster from the publisher.






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