Flappy Bird

30 Overall Score

It is free

Everything else about it

You’ll either play for hours or quit after thirty seconds.

(Reviewer’s Note: Everything that is about to be said about this game can be taken in one of two ways: the first is that each aspect is part of a quirky game that is frustratingly enjoyable; or, that it is a poorly created game made to profit from add revenue with disregard to any who play it. I fall into the latter category.)

Flappy Bird is an endless flying game in which you control a small bird by taping the screen causing her to flap her wings and fly upward a moment before quickly descending into a nosedive. The goal is to continue through the game as long as possible guiding the bird through suspiciously familiar pipes.

Currently, Flappy Bird sits number one on the free download charts for the iOS and Android, Pricing aside, I cannot fathom why. The gameplay is frustratingly difficult and the mechanics are rubbish. The flight of the bird will be much to high when you don’t need it and she will fall far quicker than you expect. There is a seemingly invisible barrier surrounding the pipes, because one needn’t touch them for a run to end, getting close is sufficient to end the game.

The whole aesthetic of the game is strangely reminiscent of the NES Super Mario game without any context to support it. From the ground, to the .GEARS Studio’s logo, to the ‘Game Over’ screen, and the sounds made when passing through the gaps of pipe. To say nothing of the pipes themselves.

The game is an interesting tautology: if you love the game, you are the type who would love this sort of game and exactly the audience it was made for. If you hate it, its probably because you would rather be doing something more interesting like watching paint dry or humming ‘This Is The Song That Never Ends’ in its entirety.

Developer:.GEARS Studio

Platforms: iOS, Android

Price: Free

* I was unable to take a snapshot that wasn’t me face-planting into the ground.


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