Droppy Ship

10 Overall Score

Easily forgetable

The look, the feel, the taste it leaves in your mouth

A game riding the drop-style wave of popularity and crashes about as fast as that little bird.

Popular games will inevitably be shadowed by other creators trying to capture the trend of popularity. This isn’t inherently a bad thing.  Much like game sequels, games following some original mold have the opportunity to take what is already popular and ideally improve upon it in some way. However, as is typically the case, often copy-cat games and sequels choose to exploit their original rather than make any improvements, here sits Droppy Ship.

Droppy Ship plays very similarly to its predecessor, Flappy Bird, however it claims to take the newly popular genre into the realm of 3D. Travel endlessly through a tight corridor tapping the screen to cause the ever falling, or dropping, ship to shoot upward and hopefully through each set of half-closed flight-bay type doors.

The game does a wonderful job in mimicking its original content with terrible game physics, horrid looking graphics, and an abundance of popup adds.  If you really get into the game, the frequent game ending crashes invite quick gameplay, however, conveniently placed adds will pop up right when you tap the screen for a new game forcing you to click on the add rather than start a new game.

Droppy Ship is the type of game that makes me angry at the mobile game industry. Mobile games have the opportunity to reach a vast audience and provide millions of people with enjoyment via their handheld devices. While those types of games are available, the market is more often saturated with clones and unoriginal copy-cats only out to exploit users and make a quick buck. Droppy Ship is most obviously one of these games; it is unoriginal, uninspired, and an all around bad game.

If you enjoyed Flappy Bird, there are tens of copies out there at the moment and most of them are probably better than this game, at least hopefully less exploitative.


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