Gaming on the Go – The new consoles have mobile apps

With all three new major game systems out on the market, the popularity of the Steam Network, and the race to win over as much of the ever growing gaming population as possible; the fight between the Wii U, the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, and the P.C. will see many battlefronts in the coming days. One of these will be the mobile phone market with the release of specific apps for the different operating systems. Here’s a breakdown on what Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and Value are letting you do on the go.

wii u1. Wii U– While the new system shows Nintendo’s first step into HD graphics, their famous exclusivity driven business model still holds firm with the lack of official mobile app add-ons for the system. Still, Nintendo’s fans aren’t being left completely in the cold. HITGPX Media has put out the Wii U news and video app, collecting Nintendo’s official updates and videos, along with reviews and opinions on the system’s latest releases. Several fan made apps have been released for individual games as well, including independent developer Eric Weigle’s guide to the mushroom houses in the New Super Mario Brothers U. Meanwhile, there remains online speculation and rumors of Nintendo expanding its new system into third party platforms and allowing Google and Apple to host official Nintendo software.

PS4-logo2. PS4– In their race to become the dominant tech giant of the gaming market, Sony released their official app to work with PS4 days before the system was released in North America.  Available on both Android and IPhone, the app focuses on the online features of the PS4, including access to online purchases from the Store (with direct download to the system), access to friend lists allowing chat and game invites from your mobile device, as well as second screen features for games that include it. Despite early reports of the app not allowing players to log into their profiles, the latest batch of reviews report the feature working well.

Xbox-One-logo3. Xbox One– Using their new system for some cross promotion, Microsoft’s big push for its new system is the Xbox One Smart Glass app. Boasting a number of add-ons including in game interaction, web T.V controls, and contact for your friend’s list, Microsoft hopes to use the app in all aspects of the Xbox One’s capabilities. Additional apps are also available for the IPhone and Android.

steam4. Steam– Always the favorite of the PC crowd, Steam also offers a mobile add on. With streamlined features including friend finders for game invites, chat rooms, and online store; the Steam app allows for a mobile option for those who chose to avoid the new console age and stick to their P.Cs.


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