Elite Mastermind Brings the Beloved Board Game to iOS

The popular board game, Mastermind is now available to play on your iPhone, iPad, or iPad touch with Elite Mastermind from LaternTech. Offering easy to pickup and play design, Elite Mastermind allows players to quickly start a game. Play alone or go tête-à-tête with friends. An easy to navigate tutorial allows newcomers easy access to a timeless classic.
Mastermind 1
If you’ve never played, Mastermind is a modernization of the old pencil-and-paper code breaking game, Bulls and Cows. In each match one player uses colored pegs to guess a code created by the other player. With each failed attempt the guesser is told whether or not their guess is correct with two other smaller pegs. In the board game, small red pegs indicate that a peg is the correct color and in the right spot, while small white pegs indicate that a peg is the correct color but in the wrong spot. The guesser is not told which small red or small white peg goes with each peg of their guess, making even semi-correct guesses difficult to peg (sorry about that one).

It is a simple game that offers countless hours mind-twisting fun. I will be nice to play on the iPhone and not have to pick up all those little pieces after every game. Not to mention inevitably loosing most of them.

Price: $0.99 USD
System Requirements:
-iPhone, iPad, iPad touch
-iOS 7.0or later
-13.8 MB
Store link


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